Alaska Bed and Breakfast two Free nights lodging Whittier Alaska FV About Time

Dateline January 26th 2015…..

FV About Time announced an offer of two free nights lodging at their new B & B in the Buckner Building in Whittier Alaska if you charter their boat for a full days fishing. Rooms are Sumptuous in a French sort of way.

van gogh  bed and breakfast in the Buckner Building Whittier Alaska

Recent Reviews by Zubleei Lodging Experts:

“Magnificent view of the train station…it almost felt like Paris”

Claude_Monet_004 train

“The complimentary quart of Big Lare’s Pickled Caribou Snouts was a very nice touch”

“If they had a Greek Temple here it would have been better than Sicily”

“Maybe it was just me but Captain Mark Knight had a strange resemblance to Van Gogh”

“The Moose Scrapple and Blueberry Pancakes with Birch Syrup was incredible”

“I don’t know how they got an entire Tiki Bar in the front cabin of the boat but it worked for me”

Mark Knight as Van Gogh FV About Time Anchorage Alaska