Whittier Alaska Deer Hunting in Prince William Sound

The pride of Whittier Alaska’s deer hunting fleet is Captain Dan’s Pagan Fishing Charters German U-Boat with it’s deck gun which can down a whole herd of Sitka Blacktails in under 30 seconds with it’s 40 mm deck gun….the 88 mm deck gun was just to messy…..

Captain Dan's Pagan Halibut Charters Whittier Alaska AK
Captain Dan’s Bread and Butter is halibut fishing. The halibut fish and chips that are deep fried on the fantail of the submarine while anchored at Esther Rock is not to be missed……note the jutting jaw on Captain Dan below…..Fish, Hunt or Die then drink Rum is Dan’s Motto….

Captain Dan's Pagan Halibut Fishing Charters Whittier Alaska AK German Officer
The 2015 souvenir graphic for Captain Dan’s Pagan Fishing Charters and Trophy Deer Hunts…..

Whittier Alaska Deer Hunting Prince William Sound
Captain Dan’s favorite movie is The Mother Lode with Charlton Heston playing two parts. An unconfirmed rumor has Captain Dan living with Ross Knight’s German cook in Whittier Alaska during the 70’s and early 80’s at the Sportsman’s Inn.