Walrus Cordon Bleu Sea Otter Fajitas Gourmet Dining on the Mudflats

Marine Mammal Bar and Grill, Specialties of the House, Humpback Stroganoff, Sea Otter Fajitas, Walrus Cordon Bleu, Girdwood Alaska

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Ted Aschenbrenner Twitter Pinterest Facebook Instagram Links for TheResistance

At this time I am mainly Resisting Trump at Twitter at Ted Aschenbrenner @primalchinook Please Retweet and follow, my posts are showing an extremely high engagement rate. Please also copy and use any images and hashtag lists or text. Instagram and Facebook severely limit the volume of political posts you can post daily so they are practically useless. There are many good anti trump images on my Pinterest account that could be posted to other social media.


Instagram Ted Aschenbrenner user name primalchinook



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