60th Anniversary of Captain Dan’s Bombing of Seward Alaska Harbor

Whittier Alaska is alive with the yearly festival celebrating Whittier’s Victory over Seward Alaska in the Halibut Wars of the 1950’s…

Captain Dan bombs Seward Alaska during the Halibut Wars Whittier Alaska AK

Most people including many Alaskans have forgotten the bloody Halibut wars of the 1950’s…..ex German soldiers like Captain Dan came to Whittier’s aid to save it from disaster after the evil air attack on the Whittier small boat harbor on a bloody Sunday morning. Captain Dan in his first attack on Seward in his Refurbished German Halibut U-Boat made a brilliant surface night attack on Seward harbor sinking 5 fishing boats with torpedoes and two tenders with his 88 mm deck gun usually used for Sitka Blacktail Deer. Then, the next day Captain Dan attacked again in his lend lease British Bomber dealing massive damage to the harbor infrastructure and machine gunning 4th avenue… Captain Dan’s ultimate hero is Gunther Prien, the U-Boat commander of U-47, the U-Boat Ace that penetrated Scapa Flow and sunk the battleship Royal Oak.

Captain Dan's Pagan Halibut & Salmon Fishing Charters Whittier Alaska AK German Officer Logo

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