Esther Rock Alaska Floating Tiki Bar and Halibut Fishing Charter

Captain Dans ester rock tiki bar and grill

Docked at Esther Rock in Prince William Sound Alaska this Charter Fishing Boat is a Floating Tiki Bar, Strip Joint and Halibut fishing Platform. As the boat crashes on the rocks of Ester Rock you will be swilling massive rum drinks getting an incredible table dance from an imported turkish woman….you may even have a 200 pound halibut hooked when this is happening. You will be ruined as a fisherman….it will never be this good again.

prince william sound alaska map captain dan's pagan fishing charters esther rock ak

 This trip is part of the grand slam of Alaska fishing along with getting thrown out of a strip joint in Fairbanks.

Captain Dan’s Pagan Fishing Charter is the hammer of halibut fishing in Prince William Sound. Below is a view of the sound at sunset.

prince william sound alaska aerial view at sunset

The Captain had halibut DNA implanted in every cell of his magnificently marbled German Body in Hamburg Germany in the early 90’s. The Captain also known as the “The Pig” by his brother has a Swedish Circle Hook as a piercing through his right ear. His girlfriend is Inga from Sweden….the same Inga who saved the toddlers in Grants Pass Oregon from the massive marauding King Salmon that came out of the Rogue River near the Boatnic site in downtown Grants Pass.

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