Whittier Alaska Hunchback Chum Bar and Grill new logo announced

Dateline February 4th 2015 from the depths of the gut pile in Whittier Alaska……

The Hunchback Chum Brew Pub and Grill a seedy wrong side of the tracks kind of Alaska Dive Bar has updated their logo for the 21st century….The manager at the “Chum” stated that the new logo would suck cruise boat traffic in.

The Hunchback chum bar and grill whittier ak

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Le Rogue Bull Ristorante from Portage Alaska open for business again

Dateline December 16th 2014…..

After a Massive spill of 10 55 gallon drums of Big Lare’s Pickled Caribou Snouts was cleaned up the restaurant bar grill is back open for the holiday season. An unidentified anchorage catering company allegedly bought the spilled and tainted caribou snouts. The restaurant also updated their sign.

rogue bull roadside jpeg

The Bull is known for their fine dining establishment along Turnagain Arm. Le Rogue Bull still purchases the pickled caribou snouts from Larry Aschenbrenner who pickles the snouts in his backyard shed high on government hill in Anchorage.

Le Rogue Bull Gourmet Picnics And Catering Portage Alaska

Le Rogue Bull Gourmet Picnics And Catering Portage Alaska. Sister Restaurant of Le Rogue Bull Ristorante, they mainly do Catering and Gourmet Picnics on the Mudflats of Turnagain Arm which was discovered by Captain Cook. Turnagain Arm is part of Cook Inlet in Alaska. Rubber Boots are provided for your Champagne dining experience on the Mudflats.

The Salmon Skin Diaphragm All Original Fully Patented

Salmon Contraceptives.

The Salmon Skin Diaphragm

All Original Fully Patented

Scales Increase the Protection

Homer Alaska

Willies Walrus Burger Shack Homer Alaska Home of the Walrus Mombo

Burger Shack Homer Alaska

Willies Walrus Burger Shack

Home of the Walrus Mombo

4 pounds of prime dry aged walrus on a Kaiser Roll.

Homer Alaska

Hunchback Chum Bar and Grill Whittier Alaska

Hunchback River Maggot Bar & Grill

Hunchback Chum Bar and Grill Whittier Alaska

Limited time offer: Fish on Captain Dan’s Pagan Fishing Charters, on the converted Nazi U Boat, and have your catch cooked free. Parties of 6 receive 2 Bottles of the delicious house wine, Dark Protruding Clematis. At lunch sample the Pickled Caribou Snouts.

Le Rogue Bull Ristorante Portage Alaska

Le Rogue Bull Ristorante

Champagne Brunch on the Mudlats

then experience

The Running of the Boretide

Portage, Alaska

Twice Daily Service on the Whittier Bullet from Anchorage.

Open for breakfast Wed-Sun, try the Moose Scrapple a breakfast treat.

Serving the non-goaty and jam bombish house wine Dark Protruding Clematis which is also found at Wines Total a major distributor on the East and West Coast of the U.S.

Portage Alaska is the sister city of Pamplona Spain. Portage does not have narrow old world streets and herds of bulls to run down the idiots dressed in white with red scarf things but they do have the Bore Tide or Boretide and stupid Tourists. For a great tour of the Mudflats and a Fine Dining Experience we recommend the Sunset tour of Beluga Snaggers.

The Bloated Dog Grill and Brew Pub Whittier Alaska

The Bloated Dog Grill and Brew Pub Whittier Alaska. View of the Gut pile from the cannery floor. Glorious Picture windows look out at Price William sound near the salmon gut waste product discharge pipe from the fish processing facility, sip a beer and enjoy the ambiance with the locals. House Wine is the top rated 200 pointer, Zagattt Rated, Red Blend from the Coast of Oregon the non-goaty and very jam whorish Dark Protruding Clematis. The rear windows of the seedy little dive faces the glacier and the waterfall along which The Whittier Catholic Church is located which was blessed in 1756 as the Blessed resting place of the holy silver salmon pancreas.

Primal Alaska Gear for Savages and People who don’t give a fuck

Primal Alaska gear for Savages, for people who don’t give a fuck what other people think. Primal Alaska is the Faux brand of Ted’s Pagan Tiki Shack or Hut. Primal Alaska is also the primary stockholder in Kenai Contraceptives a fish based pharma chemical plant located in and near Homer Alaska on the Kenai Penninsula. Primal Alaska is the primary sponsor of Alaska’s premiere 10K trail race held each year in Seldovia Alaska – Grin at Death.