Mexico changes POTUS acronym to VERGA

Early yesterday Mexican Acronym Officials changed the POTUS acronym in their country to VERGA. Mexican officials said it was short, sweet, to the point and had a Nixonian twist to it. Verga means Dick in Spanish. Mexican officials said they would have chosen the Australian acronym for POTUS which is WANKER but did not want to copy the Australians. Further back round on acronyms follows:
California changes POTUS acronym to CORKED. California acronym department officials said they may have been copying France, but they said it sounded so right why not use it also. France uses PLONK PLONKUS and sometimes CORKED. One California Red Wine Official said that the amount of wine making intelligence that Donald Trump had would fit onto a Nat’s rear end.
The same California Official said to get an idea of Donald Trump’s wine making skills watch the 2009 Movie, “Corked”.
French acronym officials changed the the French Acronym for POTUS to CORKED, the reason behind the change seemed to be logic between the wine business based in Virginia and the actual quality of the wine and the overpriced nature of it. The French are very serious about their wine and are shocked by the quality of the overpriced Trump products. Some officials wanted PLONKUS or just PLONK, others thought that the Australian WANKER was more appropriate. Other officials like the Australian POMMY BASTARD as a dig on both Donald Trump POTUS and the British at the same time.
France changes Donald Trump POTUS acronym to CORKED. France changes Donald Trump POTUS acronym to PLONK.

Mexico changes POTUS acronym to VERGA TRUMP

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