Halibut Fish and Chips Rule in Whittier Alaska Cod Sucks

Whittier Alaska Cruise and Visitor information

Cod Fish and Chips is Verboten under the Whittier Alaska City Constitution along with using Condoms since the city council is trying to grow the population. It is also illegal to raise more than 3 halibut in a bathtub in the Begich Towers since this would violate the cage free halibut law.

Whittier Alaska is the Terminus of the Camino de Halibut Pilgrimage Trail which is considered to be the longest fish Pilgrimage Trail in the World and is also called the Way of the Halibut, Route of the Halibut or Road to the Halibut of Whittier. Whittier Alaska’s Patron Saint is Joan d’ Halibut.

Whittier Alaska police turn a blind eye to the capture of young female cruise ship passengers of breeding age since Whittier Alaska needs to be repopulated after the 1964 quake and the bust of Shotgun Cove not turning into the Las Vegas of the North. Sadly Sid Smythe’s prophecy that Whittier was just like Seattle in the early days has not come to fruition. Whittier Alaska is allot like Chemult Oregon which is it’s Sister City in Oregon. Many locals believe the only man that could have turned Whittier Alaska around was Ross Knight.

And for God’s sake remember the Buckner Building is not a timeshare, the locals are selling timeshares in the Buckner Building.

Halibut Fish and Chips Rule in Whittier Alaska Cod Sucks

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