Entralibut Bistro Seafood Restaurant and Bar Whittier Alaska

Dateline today…..

Just opened in the newly refurbished historic part of the fish cannery in Whittier Alaska the Entralibut Bistro. The ENTRABIST (Their custom acronym that went thru 15 focus groups to get the right spelling) specializes in fish entrail dishes even the desserts.

Alaska Entralibut Bistro Whittier Alaska AK Entrails 247 AK

The Bistro specializes in halibut entrail dishes sourcing only entrails fresh from Prince William Sound AK. The Artisan Halibut Cassoulet with fish row and Halibut Stomachs and Red Salmon Blood Sausage is a life changing event. They have received numerous awards including a James Beerd Foundation award for Artisan Entrail Excellence in the North American group. The Bistro has 2 Michealin Stars for excellence in a new stand alone entrail dish category. The Artisan Blueberry Trachea Crisp with Rockfish Roe Ice Cream is worth a trip to Alaska on it’s own.

The Bistro is unique in that it is not on the water but over the water, you can actually fish from your table thru floor hatches. Swedish circle hooks, herring and loaner fishing poles are provided.

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Whittier Alaska Hunchback Chum Bar and Grill new logo announced

Dateline February 4th 2015 from the depths of the gut pile in Whittier Alaska……

The Hunchback Chum Brew Pub and Grill a seedy wrong side of the tracks kind of Alaska Dive Bar has updated their logo for the 21st century….The manager at the “Chum” stated that the new logo would suck cruise boat traffic in.

The Hunchback chum bar and grill whittier ak

Hunchback Chum Bar and Grill Whittier Alaska

Hunchback River Maggot Bar & Grill

Hunchback Chum Bar and Grill Whittier Alaska

Limited time offer: Fish on Captain Dan’s Pagan Fishing Charters, on the converted Nazi U Boat, and have your catch cooked free. Parties of 6 receive 2 Bottles of the delicious house wine, Dark Protruding Clematis. At lunch sample the Pickled Caribou Snouts.