John Philippe the Fifth Marek Was he a Hybrid Human Alien from Pennsylvania?

June 21, 2012……..Maybe it’s just the Solstice but it is pretty clear now from the Autopsy and Skull measurements that John Philippe the Fifth Marek was a Hybrid Human Alien with an elongated skull…..He moved to Annandale Virginia in 1758 with his pod, aliens use the word pod for groups of aliens, of elongated skull babies and his wife Inga, who was from Sweden Originally. During the latter half of 1758 The Dead Squirrel Inn was established.

The Marek’s still have elongated skulls today. Measurements from Ricardo Marek had the longest strangest elongations. Ricardo lives in Winston-Salem with his non-human alien hybrid woman nicknamed “Hurricane“.

Dead Squirrel Inn Annandale Virginia DSI

Dead Squirrel Inn Annandale Virginia Established 1758

Established in 1758 by John Philippe the fifth Marek as a Tavern and Eating Place along Little River Turnpike in Annandale Virginia, Philippe immigrated from Pennsylvania after the Catholics were expelled. The Dead Squirrel Inn was established long before all the Korean Restaurants became a serious competitive threat with all the great Korean Barbecue. Great Squirrel Stew, Squirrel Kabobs, Squirrel Sandwiches, Squirrel Pate, Squirrel Soup, Squirrel Nicoise, etc. George Washington stayed there, apparently many times. The B and B was obviously established pre Thomas Jefferson Tech School.

Much of the Food served is grown in the cottage garden in the side yard. Rabbits were attempted in the 1970’s, this went incredibly well until the little boy rabbits broke into the little girl rabbits cage and then had what is commonly known as a sexual frolic which caused rabbit to be in 85% of the menu items for approximately 6 months. Turkeys were also grown and this also went horribly wrong. The Dead Squirrel Inn also produces most of it’s own wine, most of it being severely fortified.

Dead Squirrel Inn is the sister Restaurant of Le Rogue Bull located in Portage Alaska and is affiliated with the Bloated Dog and the Hunchback Chum in Whittier Alaska. For the next 6 months the Squirrel is running a special for each 3 night stay off one sunset excursion on Beluga Snagger’s Alaska Mudflat tour.

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Primal Alaska gear for Savages, for people who don’t give a fuck what other people think. Primal Alaska is the Faux brand of Ted’s Pagan Tiki Shack or Hut. Primal Alaska is also the primary stockholder in Kenai Contraceptives a fish based pharma chemical plant located in and near Homer Alaska on the Kenai Penninsula. Primal Alaska is the primary sponsor of Alaska’s premiere 10K trail race held each year in Seldovia Alaska – Grin at Death.