On Wednesday, after our glorious hike up and down Vesuvius it was off to Sorrento. Here we landed in our first true pit of a hotel – the lovely Hotel Desireè. I guess after all the great hotels we were due. Look at this lovely view… isn’t Sorrento picturesque? Note the view is down. Our hotel was up on the side of the hill (mountain) just outside of town, an “easy” 15 minute walk all down hill to the town. I was getting a little tired plus with the pit-hotel I wasn’t really appreciating the view too much. Going down…remember, you have to go back up to crawl into the pit hotel. So we headed off for a little orientation walk around town… Which just led to more places to go down… But we kept kept trucking… this is Susan, me, and Jen cruising behind the group. That evening we all met for a last drink with our driver Mauritzio at an actual English Pub, then dinner at a restaurant all the way down at the bottom of the hill/mountain at the pier. It was good, I’m sure, but at that point I was so tired I didn’t take any pictures. Plus whatever happiness I felt at the great food and wine was plundered by the trek back up the hill/mountain to our pit-hotel. Help! Luckily, Thursday was a free day so we made plans for dolcè far nientè…the sweetness of doing nothing… starting with sleeping in, leisurely breakfast, and some blogging which I did from the nicest spot in the pit-hotel, on the roof-top patio. The Italians do love their patios (thank the Gods).

Pretty good view from the patio…
But of course, being a roof-top patio you have to climb the twisty stairs to get to it. Recognize the shirt?
Ted and I did one lap around the town. Found an awesome internet cafe/bar where I hung out for awhile. Ted got picnic supplies and we had a nice time by the water’s edge eating and drinking. Then we applied ourselves to some serious gelato eating. I mean there’s nothing like gelato to rejuvenate you.

Just after finishing the gelato, we ran into Tom, Susan, and Mr. Lion who were headed to the same gelato shop we just left. There was nothing to do but join them (of course) so we all went back to the shop and dug into a trough of gelato… can you believe it? We have no self respect

at all!
Ok, feeling better.


No Repeat of 79 AD

We made it up Vesuvius and back down with no eruptions. Feeling luckier than Pompeii!! Yesterday we hiked up our 2nd volcano in 3 weeks. How many people can say that? The weather was a little iffy – cloud cover – but there were some gases venting so you never know. I mean this volcano has erupted A LOT in the last 100 years but nothing since 1944, so it’s probably due. The picture above was taken at the top near the big crater. We were up in the clouds. The big crater – well, one side of it! Did I say it was a climb up? I earned my gelato that day, I can tell you! I think I’ll just roll back down hill. He ran ahead – what a show off. Carroll and Ken, the photographers of the group. A pensive Ted…showing off Roro’s ankles of course. Hike up a volcano, have a party at the top. Ted brought the wine! A happy Jen! Nancy and Chuck, enjoying the view. Gail, showing off a new look. I’m roughing it, can you tell? Heading down… Ok. Nap time. Off to Sorento next. Chow! Carolina

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