Ah, Palermo. Big city. After all those sleepy little towns, this is real in your face madness. The air is pretty gross because there are ½ million cars and scooters whizzing by – and that’s just on the street where our hotel is situated. But, with the yuk comes some modern conveniences like internet, English-speaking channels on TV, and a really nice hotel with a toilet seat that doesn’t try to eat you. As we got into town, the group went on a walking tour and visited some really wild churches. One of them in particular was Sicilian Baroque on Acid. Trippin Ted is sitting in the Bishop’s chair and lightning did not strike. What’s up with that? What is he doing? This is the shop of a Sicilian Cart maker… Then Ted and I walked through the markets with Coe, Joan, and Harry. These are some serious freaking markets – you can get anything you can possibly imagine – and then some.

He’s a magnificent bastard… Fishmonger (still life – man itching belly) Eggplants the size of toddlers Obligatory lingerie photos Spice nirvana This being the last night of our Sicily tour, we had one more group party in our hotel room (Ted is such a gatherer) and then we all went to our Last Supper together. The food and fellowship were wonderful and we were sad to part with all our new friends. Ex-football player getting busy with Boneless Rabbit Why is he holding his underwear? He’s probably a lawyer… Apparently, she had a very good time! Ode to Nina!! Party crowd…

This was the best octopus binge we’ve ever been on…
Beautiful necklace…wonder where she got it?
That rabbit gets around.
and around…
and around…
Food…eat it!
Sicily turned out to be a wonderful surprise. It is much more than we expected – the people are warm and friendly and they enjoy life to its fullest. The island is absolutely breathtaking and beautiful, real and gritty, steeped in history. If you ever get the chance – come here, stay awhile, embrace some dolce farniente (the sweetness of doing nothing).
Next, on to Roma!!
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