Vieste Vistas

Just when you thought all was perfect, that this was going to be the best vacation ever… a little turn of the screw with the longest busride ever. Hey, we just have to Buck Up…
On Wednesday, we got on the bus with this group for our first ride together. It is the same bus driver, Mauritzio, that we had in Sicily which is very cool because we are like old friends now (he has a Ted’s Pagan Tiki Bar t-shirt and everything). It was a fairly short ride of less than 2 hours to our stop to see an ancient villa of a Roman Emperor. Picture vast ruins that went on and on and on. It was really hard to orient yourself on the site even with a map. But they were very impressive – we tried to picture what it would have been like when in use and it must have been just a incredible place.
Then it was back on the bus for a very, very long ride to Vieste. During the more than 7 hour ride there were several stops at Auto Grilles for “downloading” as Donato put it and “uploading” of drinks and snacks too. Then to pass the time, those of us in the back of the bus started drinking and that helped a lot.
Mauritzio, our driver, taking us for a ride…
Boneless Rabbit was freaking out and tried to get out the window…
and on it went…
the wine pourer… what else are you going to do for nearly 7 hours… catching up on some reading…
Vieste is a little town on a penninsula that jutts in to the sea. We gathered for a group dinner as soon as we arrived as it was already pretty late. Antipasti had some really good frittata and bruschetta…
We had a great fish course that was swimming inn a buttery broth. The dolci was an interesting twist on Tiramasu.
Later, some of us went up to Chuck and Nancy’s room for a little party as they had the big suite with the awesome rooftop terrace that overlooked the water.
The next morning we all met early and went for a boat ride around the penninsula. At first, I was a bit dubious… you know a 3 hour cruise. But it turned out to be so very cool. The cliffs are made of limestone and have interesting layered texture. There are dark caves that they took the boat right in to. There were beautiful rock formations… the whole thing experience was so stunning that I was just in awe. We took so so many pictures…here are a few.
Octopus for dinner!! The they stopped the boat on a little beach and we got to jump into the Adriatic Sea which was a new experience – check another one off my list. It was cold at first but really nice.
When we got back from the boat ride we were treated to a pasta making demo from the hotel chef. He made the dough then formed orchetti and spaghetti (using a guitar-like instrument with wires to cut the dough). He also made the little tubular pasta that goes in soup. We had a wonderful lunch with all that pasta.
We had a wonderful lunch with all that pasta. The first was the spaghetti with tomatoes, then the orchetti with EVOO and a little spinach. The first was my favorite of the two. But then came a succulent soup made with cannelini beans and the little pasta tubes. It was heaven! We finished the meal with chilled sweet wine and biscotti.
The afternoon was lazy and the town was completely closed down. I was able to blog some and we were able to get some provisions including some dolci. That evening the group gathered for the continuing party. Everyone contributed food and wine. We started in the hotel parking lot that overlooked the sea. While there, there was a really funny incident with some little girls about 10 years old or around there who were harrasing some wild kitties. Ted went over to “discipline” them and one of them gave it right back to him. She had attitude to spare and harassed Ted mercilessly instead of the cats. Too funny. Later we all headed up to the penthouse patio just like the night before. We drank and ate and talked and had a really good time. Moon was full and it was beautiful.
I leave you for now with a few Viesta vistas…
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