Un voyage en France

In just a few short weeks, we are off again. This time it’s Paris and Southern France in late May and into early June. We had such a great time in Italy in 2008 that at first we thought we’d go back there again. Spain was also in the running as well as Turkey and Greece. Then came the movie Julie and Juliaand we read Julia Child’s book My Life in France. That closed the deal. She loved food as much as we do and so after falling for Paris through her experiences we knew we had to go. That and the Provence region has always held a soft spot in my heart (more on that later…)

Once again you are invited to follow the Boneless Rabbit on her adventures. So stay tuned, mark this spot, and get ready to follow the Rabbit Trail for 3 weeks through the beauty of France. There may be some food and wine involved. Not sure, but there’s always that possibility given our past experiences. Just check out the Italy blog posts 😉

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