This was our rest day – no tour things to do. It was market day in Sarlat which is renowned as one of the best in France. It started right outside our hotel, just below our balcony, with chickens roasting on a rotisserie and meandered through the narrow medieval streets all the way through town. So much food – cured meats, fresh veggies, cheese, wine, fois gras, olives, nuts, you name it…they had it. I wished we were staying there for a week and had a kitchen to use as I would have been cooking up a storm. I wandered through the market eating the strawberries as I went. They were so sweet and just magnificent.
Pickled things
Fresh Produce
Sausages…Sausages…and more Sausages…
Marinated olives, lots and lots of olives
The French love flowers…florists and flower stands are everywhere.
Fresh and Aged Cheese – I’m in love with fromage de chèvre
I’m going to have to go into detox or some kind of bread-enders program because it has been so, so good here…I can’t get enough of it.
6 Euros for Half a Kilo of Paella…Ted made moaning noises and ate the whole thing.
As if my bread and cheese habit isn’t bad enough, there’s the macarons. I have to have 1-2 per day. The absolute best is Strawberry but Pistachio is my #2 favorite.
Do you recognize the guy selling Rotisserie Chickens?
As it was, we had all planned to gather supplies for a group picnic that evening and to pack a lunch for a barge cruise the next day. So it did give us an excuse to shop, which we did, a lot. We decided to make a a big sandwich to share on the barge cruise.
Take one rotisserie chicken…
Carve out one mammoth loaf of bread…
Add tomatoes, cornichons, pickled onions…
Top with one jar of caramelized onions in balsamic vinegar
And we have…
This was saved in the hotel’s fridge until tomorrow so it had time to become one with itself.
That night in the park was great fun – lots of laughter and stories. Ted kept the wine pouring and our impromptu beggar’s banquet was superb.
I leave you with this one question…why does Ted have a piece of cured meat taped to his arm?
Mon Dieu!

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