There are lots of words in the French language that are exactly the same in English. Like toilette…you know what that is, right? What about rotisserie, train, minute, depart, arrivee, accident, and ketchup? All these are French words and you can get the meaning easily. Well, it’s time for some French Ketchup (or catch-up)…here goes…5-20 Thursday – Chinon to Sarlat

Woke up in Chinon. Returned to our mobile home and took over the back of the bus again.

Road trip to Sarlat paused midday for a big picnic in the small town of Montmart. Great spread provided by Chris – bread, cheese, olives, cornichon, cured meats, potted meats in duck fat (yum), fruit, and surprisingly…wine. We fed jambon to the Bengal-looking wild kitty.

Boneless Rabbit – waiting for lunch to be served
Chris – our wonderful guide – introducing the banquet…
An excellent munch-out!

The high of the picnic was kind of squashed when we went off to Orador sur Glane. This French village was utterly destroyed by the Nazis in one day, 10 June 1944. They killed over 600 people. No one really knows why. The French decided not to rebuild the town, to keep it as a reminder of what happened. It’s a town of striking, beautiful ruins.

Back on the bus for pretty long ride to Sarlat. Ted and I lucked out with a nice room with a patio overlooking the street where the big market will be on Friday.  That’s the rail on our balcony right above the sign for the hotel.
Blogging and Wining on the patio.
Had a little happy hour then down for dinner in the hotel. Walked around town with group after dinner.
Below is my new best friend Betsy (in the middle) flanked by my buddy Kathee on the right
and Gloria on the left.
Wine buddies Ed and Jan
Mouth watering duck…
Next up…Sarlat.

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