Woke up in Sarlat…Breakfast then off to the Grotte de Rouffignac – some caves with prehistoric drawings. Once inside, we all loaded onto a rickety train moving through the caves at 1.2 meters per hour to see the ancient art. The local tour guide’s English was really bad. I understood about 1 word in 20 so it gave me a headache to try to figure out what he was saying. Drawings were so-so – Ted has made better – could have skipped that whole experience.Then off to lunch in the small town of La Roque Gageac “The Rock” – set in the side of a cliff. There was a small market so we had a quick picnic lunch with Bob and Marolyn, which included succulent marinated olives and sundried tomatoes plus salad, wine, and bread. Oh, and maybe a pastry or two. Really cool town.

Next up… canoeing down the Dorgogne River, the highlight of the day for sure. Everyone in our group participated, even the energetic 80 year old Carol. There were multiple incidents of canoe-ramming and screams of “TED!!!”. It was a really, really cool experience and we had a lot of fun. Ted really wished he could have worn a wet suit top just like Burt Reynolds in Deliverance (queue the banjo music). We finished first, not that it was a competition…:)

Gathering the group…
Just like it was at Dunkirk…man your canoes.
Our Fearless Leader – Boneless Rabbit
The Dordogne Lounge Lizards
Our Buddies – Kathee and Betsy
Ramming Speed!
The Rock (from Lunch) as seen from the River.
What a view…
The landing sight.
Carol and Maureen coming in for a landing. Yea!

We were then treated to a demonstration of gavage – force feeding ducks and geese to fatten-up their livers to make Fois Gras. Ok, I’m on the fence about that whole process but that didn’t stop me from buying about 5 cans of Fois Gras. For those of you that are a member of my inner circle, if it doesn’t bother you either I MIGHT share some with you. If you have a problem with it…too bad for you!

Kind of reminds Ted of the first year of his life and his first year of college…
Ok, that was special. Next up…Fois Gras. Oops…
Then back to hotel. Quick nap, shower, happy hour, group dinner. Had pate de fois gras (oh yea I did) for entrée which was really tasty, perch with orange sauce for main course which was forgettable, and a delectable chocolate thing in crème anglaise (sign me up).
The pate served with Fig Jam. Oh…
Dessert…that’s what I’m talking about.
Betsy is the Best!
Boneless Rabbit had a little too much to drink…

Off to bed – we were really tired. It had nothing to do with the amount of French wine consumed today, or the last 5 days. You believe me don’t you? Ha…

Bonne nuit.

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