Drop Dead Gorgeous

On Monday we traveled north to Taormina to start the tour. What a difference from Catania… this is where the beautiful people have been coming for hundreds of years. And here we are (yes, they let us in…it’s a mystery). Anyway, so much too remember about the past 24 hours so I thought I’d just go with random thoughts we’ve had and some more pictures… All the women here are super models – right down to the cashiers and hotel clerks. And they’re nice too! Not fair, makes it worse. Needless to say, Ted’s been taking lots and lots of pictures. There will be a whole scrapbook of his pictures of advertisements. Obviously, we didn’t bring enough black clothes. Guess what Ted found? They use black lava stone in everything – jewelry, nick knacks (like a bust of General Patton), street pavers, buildings, everything. It’s very cool. This is Gelato Nirvana! Today we swam in the Ionian Sea. No sand, only marble pebbles. Water so clear I could see my toes 5 feet down, and so saline I could float head\shoulders above the water without trying. Mount Etna at my back. Mazzaro beach, Taormina. Just so you know, I was swimming about the same time as my usual weekly staff meeting was going on. I am so LOL! Greco Roman Amphitheatre The city… Taormina is absolutely beautiful. Boneless Rabbit, chilling my the sea.

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