Giant King Salmon with an Elongated Skull possibly Alien Half Breed

Dateline October 10th….Taft Oregon….

Feral Cats in Taft Oregon

A massive King Salmon, well over 200 pounds, was spotted chasing feral cats on the breakwater.  “It had a tremendous elongated skull and was obviously hungry and amphibious” stated a fisherman who had seen the monster. Bystanders and witnesses were sure that there were streaks of white Tillamook Cheddar cheese smeared down it’s flanks. The Cheese smears were a sure sign that this was the man-killer that slaughtered the Iowa Tourists in Neskowin. Many witnesses thought the fish was headed south to California. The Chinook Salmon with the elongated skull was massive in size and had huge hulking shoulders almost like a Chinese weightlifter.

Local Fisherman were seen at the Taft Safeway buying 2 pound chunks of all kinds of Tillamook Cheddar to bait their fishing poles with, one man had over 26 pounds of white Tillamook Cheddar said to be the fishes trigger food.