Counterfeit Proof House Point Certificates from Ted’s Pagan Tiki Shack

New Counterfeit Proof Design for the 10 Billion House Point Certificates at Ted’s Pagan Tiki Shack:

Front of Certificate and rear below:

Ted's Pagan Tiki Shack 10 Billion House Point Certificate


10 Billion House Point Certificate Ted's Pagan Tiki Shack Rear Engraving Plate

We had to literally redesign our 10 Billion House Point Certificates overnight after Chinese Ninja Mutant Hacker Moles got a hold of our original design and mass produced them in an eastern European Country and started selling them to unsuspecting tourists who did not know that they were totally worthless.

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Free House Points 10 Billion House Points Ted’s Pagan Tiki Shack

For a limited time feel free to print the graphic below for 10 Billion House Points.

Free House Points 10 Billion Free House Points Ted's Pagan Tiki Shack Manassas Virginia
Not worth there weight in Gold, Black Pepper, or Smoked Spanish Paprika these house points can be used to barter for sex, wine, beer, back rubs and other valuable things. It is usually best to barter with stupid people and drunks who don’t yet know that the house points are virtually worthless.

These certificates are perfect for freshman year in college.

To make the certificates look more valuable print up a bunch and run them thru the dryer with some dirty clothes, this will bring out the patina of aged value. If some Sriracha Sauce from Huy Fong Foods is smeared on the certificates then the certificates are put in the dryer for at least 10 minutes on medium heat with some old workout clothes these things will hit the bar scene like a tsunami….. completely invaluable, like giving chunk light tuna to a cat.

If printed on card stock they will be worth twice as much which is still absolutely nothing. When creating forgeries and aged patina don’t overlook the obvious condiments in your refrigerator like the french mustard.