Trump Potus Sperm are Floaters they cant swim

It’s Confirmed, Donald Trump’s baby batter are floaters, they can’t swim like goldfish, they can’t swim like salmon, they look dead. 3 Sperm specialists saw the samples and one was heard to say, “It looks like bad crab artichoke dip but not in a good way”. Another older specialist said he hadn’t seen anything this bad since the early 40’s. The last specialist said very quickly, “It looks like it’s from Vienna Austria”.

Trump POTUS Sperm are Floaters Confirmed

Trump has female parts congenital vagina found in his rectum

It’s true, it’s confirmed, even the alt right is freaked, Bannon is barricaded in his office. Miller has vomited. This is worse than the Naked Baby Goats in the Lincoln Bedroom.