Nina’s Luxury Motor Coach Tours of Italy Sicily Bus Touring in Europe

I have just booked six weeks of Italian Motor Coach touring with the famous Nina from Cleveland. 3 weeks in Sicily then 3 weeks in southern Italy. Nina has updated the logo of her business to compete with the river boat cruises in Germany and the Netherlands.

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Ted’s Italian Bus Tour Intercourse and Intoxication in Italy

Dateline January 17th 2015….

A new concept for the present day, an old Roman concept brought back to life….The I and I Bus Tour of southern Italy and Sicily. Roman decadence with a bus to carry appetizers, pallets of wine and local liquor, luggage, and the mattresses for the afternoon tag team wrestling during the early PM happy hours.
ted's italian bus tours intercourse and intoxication i and i


Nina previously of Cleveland and Rome has been brought in to be the tour director and tour guide. Ted’s had to pay a hideously large signing bonus and an up front payment of her first years salary to seduce her into an employment relationship.

The Bus is driven by Mauritzio a famous italian bus driver. The Bus is gaudily painted with the slogan “Passion Wagon”.

Of all the tours Ted’s runs in Europe each year this is by far Ted’s favorite. Experience Rome’s Belle Epoch age in the way it should be……savored.