Dark Protruding Clematis Meritage Gone Wild Cape Kiwanda OR

Kiawanda Cellars Presents Dark Protruding Clematis

Cabernet, Zin and Sangiovese. Harvested by ripe young virgin Catholic Girls…that climb the cliffs of Cape Kiawanda (also spelled Kiwanda) naked to harvest the plump grapes at there peak of flavor. Grown on the Rocky Scenic Headlands of Cape Kiawanda on the Oregon Coast. Real wine for real people, this isn’t some sissy overpriced Pinot….

Wine & Food Pairings below:

Serve with Alligator Fajitas, Sea Otter Chili, Walrus Gumbo, Sea Elephant Bulgogi and a young Asian Co-ed. Also is the perfect wine for breakfast, serve with Buttermilk Flapjacks and Apple Cured Sea Lion Bacon. The perfect wine to serve with Asian food or a young Asian Medical Student.

This Meritage also pairs well with a good Walrus Cheeseburger, onion rings, tater tots and a cheerleader.

If you can find Walrus Mozzarella, and it is not easy to find, it is even better than Buffalo Mozzarella, but if you can find it Dark Protruding Clematis with the Walrus Mozzarella is truly the Last Supper.

Information on Kiawanda Cellars and The Vino Camino Real Wine Trail

Kiawanda Cellars is located on the Rocky Crags of Cape Kiwanda on the scenic Oregon Coast near the small town of Pacific City which is also the Terminus of the Vino Camino Real. The Vino Camino Real is the oldest wine pilgrimage trail in the new world, it runs from Nova Scotia in Northeast Canada to Pacific City. In the early days camels were used to pack large animal skin bladders filled with fortified wine clear across North America. Camels had to be used since other domesticated animals would chew on the bladders. Stagecoaches were also used to transport the camels that were carrying the large animal skin wine bladders, a special trailer attachment was hooked onto the back of the stagecoach and two camels could ride in relative comfort, of course wine muzzles were put on the camels to keep them from chewing on the wine filled leather bladders.

 A little known fact is that Francisco Pizarro pioneered the Vino Camino Real prior to heading to South America. He was the pioneer that brought the first camels to North America and devised the highly technical wine muzzles to keep the camels from guzzling the fortified wine.

Dark Protruding Clematis is the house wine at fine dining establishments in Alaska: Hunchback Chum  Le Rogue Bull  The Bloated Dog  Willie’s Walrus Burger Shack

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