Catholics Hire Steve Endres as Duck Wrangler and Foie Gras Intern

Dateline February 3rd 2015……

Steve Endres previously of Wankers Corners and West Linn Oregon (file photo of Willamette Falls is below)

willamette falls

has been hired as the Duck Wrangler for the Miracle Duck of Brownsville Oregon. This is the same Duck that was hatched and laid by the chicken in Brownsville Oregon at the Bed and Breakfast. Mr. Endres will have daily duties of feeding and grooming the miracle duck, he will also work on the evening shift at the Catholic Foie Gras Factory in Brownsville OR that funds the visitors center at the end of The Vino Camino Real Wine Pilgrim Trail at Pacific City Oregon. Brownsville Oregon has been put on the Map by the Miracle of Brownsville Oregon and is now the end of the El Camino Real de Canard entrail Pilgrimage Trail that starts on the East Coast of the United States. Mr. Endres appeared ecstatic after hearing the news.

Mr. Endres had been on a 2 year retreat in the Cascades on a mountaintop so he could relearn what silence really meant and was literally pulled from his hut by Catholic Priests disguised as tree hugger/bird watchers. A childhood friend, Timm Stone, was interviewed and stated that “I really can’t picture him as a Holy Man”.

The Miracle of Brownsville Oregon – Chicken Lays Duck Egg

The Miracle of Brownsville Oregon

Dateline Brownsville Oregon August 7-8 2011…

Apparently a chicken has layed a duck egg in Brownsville Oregon. The duck has hatched and is about a week old and of course thinks it is a chicken. The duck roosts in the chicken coop at a local B and B. Witnesses said the chicken who layed the duck egg was completely barren before the event. A rabbit also roosts in the chicken coop where the owners of the B and B have built a rabbit roosting shelf since the rabbit can’t roost on the poles very well. The rabbit also thinks it is a chicken but witnesses say it was not hatched.

the brownsville miracle chicken laid the duck egg

The story of the “Brownsville Miracle” was originally passed on to a visitor at the B and B, BG, by the owners of the B and B. BG then passed the story on to a visiting cyclist, BH, who appears to be the center of the explosive spreading of the story. BH was adamant that BG was a completely reliable source of information.

The B and B is scheduled for demolition in the fall so a Church, Pilgrimage site, and Convention center can be built at the site of the miracle.

Donations can be temporarily sent to the cat adoption agency in Brownsville, which has cute little kittens that can be played with from 8-8 daily. As soon as the Church has the “Miracle of Brownsville” website up donations can be sent there.

Other sources revealed that there was a possibility that children had taken a duck egg, from a duck, from a nest down at the river nearby and placed the duck egg under the chicken.

duck pond

Anonymous Church officials discounted this possibility. Other Church sources were heard to say, “we’ve paid the architect let’s get on with it, this is a gold mine”.

Editors Comment on the News Story: The Duck in question has declined to comment and did not want it’s picture taken. BH is headed to Italy in the Fall, probably because of this story, for an extended stay. Sources think BG is from Medford Oregon and are continuing their search.

Later Editors Comment: Dec. 23, 2012. The El Camino Real de Canard is open and the first massive group of thousands of pilgrms is making it’s way across America starting at the National Cathedral in Washington DC and ending in Brownsville Oregon at the chicken roost where the Miracle of Brownsville occurred. Gourmet Food Trucks were seen with the group.