Whittier Alaska better than Arles The Bloated Dog Restaurant AK fine dining

The Bloated Dog Pub and Grill Terrace at night in Whittier Alaska. Better than Arles France because of the Halibut fish and chips. Cute little Black Bears sniff for scraps around the outdoor tables while their mothers watch from the street.

van gogh the bloated dog whittier alaska advertisement


Zlulettg Restaurant Reviews below:

“We’ve been to Arles and this was far better”

“It was like living in a Van Gogh Painting”

“We had an incredible view of the salmon sharks frolicking in the fish waste discharge from the salmon cannery”

salmon sharks frolicking in whittier harbor

“Cod is just bait……Halibut fish and chips is the Hammer”

“We fished with Mark Knight today on the FV About Time….we caught 1600 pounds of halibut and two sea otters……we had to come to his preferred watering hole for dinner”

fv about time salmon loyalty product jpeg

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