West Linn Oregon Roman Decadence in a Suburban Setting

A new graphic for a new time celebrating West Linn Oregon’s Greek and Roman heritage and status as Portland’s premiere bedroom community. Lake Oswego would never use a graphic like this to represent the city they are to stuffy.

west linn lions wl hs 1975 Roman decadence in a suburban settin
But West Linn was founded by Greeks looking for good land to grow olives in the 4th century B.C. Unfortunately the farm raised halibut experiment at Pacific City went bad.

2 thoughts on “West Linn Oregon Roman Decadence in a Suburban Setting

  1. Hello I am the mod for r/westlinn on reddit. May we use your logo for West Linn?
    This is not being used for any commercial purpose and I would like to credit the graphic back to you?

    Thank you in advance.


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