Artisan Garum Fermented Fish Sauce Enoteca and Condiment Manufacturing Plant

As I sit at the Bar at the Artisan Garum Enoteca sipping a Garum Whiskey Sour I can hear the rumble of semi trucks pulling into the parking lot….each one carrying 40,000 pounds of Sandy River Smelt that will be processed into the incredible Garum Condiment. When I attended West Linn High School I never would have dreamed that the old paper mill would turn into an Enoteca and Garum Manufacturing Plant.Biodynamic Artisan Fermented Fish Sauce Enoteca Oregon City Oregon Willamette Falls
In the parking lot and on the rocks are hundreds of 55 gallon drums filled with rotting salted macerated fish, mostly smelt, and fish entrails. Each drum is carefully covered at the top with cheese cloth to keep the blow flies out. I watch the river roar over Willamette Falls and dig into an incredible Garum Polenta appetizer. I am thinking about ordering a great bottle of California Zinfandel instead of the overpriced Pinot’s produced in Oregon.

artisan garum enoteca west linn oregon city fermented fish sauce
Fermented Fish Saluce Artisan Garum Enoteca Oregon City OR

The Entrail Inn Restaurant and Enoteca Brownsville Oregon

Dateline February 9th 2015…..from the Bar at the Entrail Inn…

Directly across from the Foie Gras Factory and The Miracle of Brownsville Convention Center is the delightful Entrail Inn. Entrails 24/7 and no extrails are served. Great Cocktails Great Entrails whats not to like! Feral Cats roam the outdoor eating area. The Entrail Inn is only 4 blocks from the B&B where The Brownsville Miracle happened. Every day Pilgrims walk into the Enoteca after trekking the El Camino de Canard Pilgrim Trail.

The Entrail Inn Brownsville Oregon