Do Trump Supporters have Mad Cow? Excellent Question

Do Trump Supporters have Mad Cow? Excellent Question.

Do Trump Supporters have Mad Cow Excellent Question

Do Trump Supporters have Mad Cow? Excellent Question.

Trump is not a Nazi he is a Racist

Trump is not a Nazi he is a Racist. Trump is not Hitler or Mussolini although it appears he would like to be.

Trump is not a Nazi he is a Racist

Corey Stewart supports Trump the Blatant Racist

A Trump Supporter is a Racist Supporter. Corey Stewart is supporting Trump’s Racist agenda and his obvious Racism. Corey Stewart will not even admit he is a Racist.

Trump Supporter equals Racist Supporter



A Trump Supporter is a Racist Supporter

Donald Trump is obviously a blatant racist. It was very hard to find a person in Germany at the end of World War II that would admit to being a NAZI and today in America almost no one will admit to being a racist. But it appears to be crystal clear that Donald Trump is a racist and anyone that continues to support him is supporting a racist. Functionally I see no difference between a racist supporter and a racist.

What is the difference between a Trump Supporter and a Racist Supporter or just a plain racist? Nothing.

A Trump Supporter is a Racist Supporter

Why won’t the vast majority of racists admit there views in the open? I think they know their views are morally reprehensible and they are cowards.

Donald Trump Make America Racist Again Re brands Republican Party

I am Donald Trump and I approved this message……

It has come to my attention that many of my core supporters are to stupid to know what a dog whistle is or a coded racist key word. My core is predominantly racist, rural, white and stupid….the descendants of the poor southern farmers who fought for the confederacy to support racism and the continuation of slavery….states rights worked then and it continues to work now….they died for racism then and they continue to support it now.

So I am re branding the Republican Party to the crystal clear slogan, “Make America Racist again”

No Women are on my team….even White Conservative Republican Women…they are just there to be used.

Muslim Goat Rapes Trump in Lincoln Bedroom of the White House

I have used many Capital Letters so my supporters can verify that this is me.

Donald Trump has pardoned Adolf Hitler for World War II

Dateline yesterday in the White House…..

Donald Trump pardoned Adolf Hitler for all Crimes Against Humanity committed in World War II and the decade preceding it.

Trumps Anal Glands have hired a Lawyer Mueller

Yes, it’s official. The State Department has been instructed to invite Adolf Hitler to the next planned State Dinner in June of this year, Hermann Goering was also to be invited. Adolf Hitler was born in Austria as were some of Trump’s ancestors.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was told in no uncertain terms at today’s morning press briefing that Adolf Hitler was dead and had committed suicide in his bunker in 1945 by a staff CNN reporter….this was of course denounced as “Fake News”

Austria changes POTUS acronym to FOZN

The Republican Party Pedophiles R us

The Republican Party has recently republished it’s true stripes. Republicans appear to be in no particular order Racists, Bigots, Sexists and Pedophiles. They appear to have no morals. They don’t even believe their own wives and daughters. Republicans are the party of white male men and no one else. The Republican women are 2nd class citizens along with immigrants, non-Christians, Democrats and everyone else on the planet that is a not a Republican white male.

I do not respect these people as Americans or as persons.

The Republican Party Pedophiles R us

Vasily Biden Zaytsev kills his 12th Republican Pedophile in Gadsden Alabama

Yesterday in a remarkable display of marksmanship and field craft Vasily Biden Zaytsev, a Democratic Shepherd Boy from the foothills of the Sierra Nevada’s in California, killed 3 Republican Pedophiles outside of a Gadsden Alabama middle/high school. Zaytsev has been protecting the school for the last 10 days.

If Mary was underage God is a Pedophile

Was Mary the first Milf?

Is God an Adulterer?

Mary was Jailbait

Mary must have been a prime piece of jailbait to catch a Holy Ghost

NAZOTUS TRUMP POTUS The White House Adolph

Angela Merkel changed the German POTUS Acronym for Donald Trump to the more descriptive NAZOTUS yesterday.