2015 Blind Paris Wine Tasting Oregon wins in shocking upset Victory

Dateline January 26th 2015…

In an unsanctioned blind tasting held last night in chalk caves below the Paris streets Kiwanda Cellars of Pacific City Oregon won the Red wine category with 148 points and crushed the competition.

dark clematis 2009


Wine experts could not agree why the wine was so good. Some experts thought the blend of Petite Sirah, Sangiovese and Zinfandel was the reason. Other experts were sure it had something to do with the method of harvest. One expert thought he smelled a hint of dungeness crab extract but this was uncomfirmed. If dungeness crab extract is found in the wine this would be a clear violation of international wine laws and would be considered wine doping.

Pacific City backround:

Pacific City is the terminus of the Vino Camino Real Wine Pilgrimage Trail.

Pacific City is the site of the glorious and magnificent Cape Kiwanda and it’s towering sandstone cliffs.

Pacific City is at the mouth of the Nestucca River.

Pacific City is the location of the new giant statue of Francisco Pizarro.