Wine and Bison Pilgrimage Trail Boston to West Linn Oregon

From the Tiki Bar in the backyard…….

As the sun rises I sip my modified goat cheese double black latte and watch the Vultures pick at the chicken carcass I left out last night. I am not suppose to leave chicken carcasses out for the vultures but I did it anyway because I am a renegade. I am plotting my journey from Boston Massachusetts to West Linn Oregon on the Vino e Bison Strada Regale, there are multiple routes just like on the Camino de Santiago. As always good bar snacks and appetizers in the evening are crucial to the success of a good Pilgrimage. The other thing that is needed is good souvenirs and pictures of yourself at the sites along the way, just like in the movie Total Recall the original. Plus you need a sidekick.

vino e bison strada regale pilgrimage trail revised 2

Food Wine and Condiment Pilgrimage Trails of the World

Definitive Pilgrimage Trail list:

artisan wine and garum royal road         artesano vino y garum camino real         vin artisanal et la route royale garum        Handwerker Wein und garum Königsweg       vino artigianale e via reale garum

Biodynamic Fish Sauce and Vino Royal road         Salsa de Pescado Biodinámica y la carretera Vino Real       Biodynamique sauce de poisson et la route royale Vino      Biodinamica salsa di pesce e strada Vino Reale

artisan wine and Padaek royal road        vino artesanal y Padaek camino real       vin artisanal et Padaek voie royale       Handwerker Wein und Padaek Königsweg       vino artigianale e Padaek via reale

wine and tuna royal way       vino y atún camino real          Wein und Thunfisch Königsweg          vino e tonno strada regale

Wine and Tuna Royal Way El Camino de Tuna e Vino

wine and tuna royal way  vino y atún camino real

file photo of a tuna is below left: