200 Pound Amphibious King Salmon Attacks Vacationers at Rest Area Neskowin OR

Dateline September 7, 2012 across from the rest area in Neskowin Oregon on the Coast.

The Bloody remnants of 12 Iowa tourists were shoved into an ambulance after a Savage Attack by a Giant Amphibious King Salmon. The Salmon had Razor Sharp Claws that it used to maul the vacationers in their sleep in this normally quiet Oregon Vacation Village. The Salmon had lurked in the nearby estuary during the day and pulled it’s hulking vicious scale ridden fish body across the parking lot and tore open the motor home with it’s tusks. Large fish scales and fish claws were found all over the motor home along with bits of cheese.

The Iowa Tourists had apparently visited a cheese factory in Tillamook county Oregon and had over 40 pounds of various cheeses in a cooler, mainly sharp cheddars. Sharp Cheddar cheeses are a known trigger food for large man killer King Salmon. The Killer Salmon had apparently taken the cheese cooler with it while fleeing the scene of the massacre.

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