The El Camino Real de Canard Literally the Trail of the Duck

The El Camino Real de Canard is the longest entrail Pilgrimage trail in the new world and extends from the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. to Brownsville Oregon where the Duck Egg Miracle happened at a local Bed and Breakfast. The Duck Egg Miracle is commonly called the Miracle of Brownsville. The longest Pilgrimage trail in North America is the The Vino Camino Real that extends from Nova Scotia to Pacific City Oregon and is a wine pilgrimage trail. The terminus of the Vino Camino Real Pilgrim Trail is the site for the new massive and girthy statue of Francisco Pizarro that sits at the top of the dune on scenic Cape Kiwanda. The longest extrail trail in the world is commonly believed to be The El Camino de Beef in Argentina. Normally Pilgrim Trails that commemorate food from mammals, fish or fowl are divided between extrail trails and intrail trails.

El Camino Real de Canard Foie Gras Pilgrim Trail

The Catholics in Brownsville Oregon have recently opened a Foie Gras plant in Brownsville to fund the El Camino Real de Canard Pilgrim Trail and also commemorate The Miracle of Brownsville Oregon. The Catholics are also donating proceeds to The Vino Camino Real Pilgrim Trail which is the sister pilgrimage trail to the El Camino Real de Canard.

The Baptists in Brownsville are not pleased about the new convention center to commemorate The Miracle of Brownsville. The ducks in Brownsville Oregon who will be force fed to produce the foie gras are not pleased either.

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