My Dad and Debbie’s Panties Spokane Washington

Dateline December 28th 2012……

A few years ago something happened that you realize will never ever happen again in your lifetime and you have to step up to the plate and embrace it. Not unlike when the school bus carrying the track team stalled on the railroad tracks and you knew without one shadow of a doubt that this was your one and only chance to scream, “train”, while located on a train track in a bus loaded with people, and of course you screamed it.

This scene opens in Spokane Washington about 2007, the summer, it’s hot but a glorious dry heat. The day before the Washington Bike ride is slated to start, a multi day bike ride with food provided and tent camping. A number of us are sharing a motel room for a last night in the air conditioning with our gear, bikes and piles of cycling junk. My Father is there, my sister and a friend of the family Debbie.

My Father, Lare, his real name because no one is innocent here, is looking for some of his gear which is normally always lost. He in fact lost his rifle 3 times while on a moose hunt when he was suppose to be protecting us from Bear attack while we cut up a moose. My Father also knocked a deck down onto our motor home, with our motor home, but that incident is really not related. Back to the Spokane incident….Lare of course could not find whatever it was he was looking for….I suggested that his gear might be in a bag near the sink…Lare reached into the bag and pulled out a pair of Debbie’s panties. Thankfully they were a clean pair.  Debbie was only about 5 feet away…my father was fondling Debbie’s panties…I knew I had to speak and off course asked him why he was touching Debbie’s panties….. while Debbie listened and watched.

It was another glorious start to a most satisfying bike trip.