Hybrid Human Aliens with Elongated Skulls West Linn Class of 1975

Dateline June 27, 2012….Manassas Virginia

Skull Measurements done by hidden video camera and a recent autopsy have conclusively revealed that many of the members of the West Linn Oregon High School Class of 1975 are Hybrid Human Aliens with Elongated Skulls. The Hidden Cameras were placed at the Open Seas Bar in Lake Oswego at the Last 1975 WL High School Reunion. The Autopsy was performed in an undisclosed location (possible near Wankers Corners) and apparently was very messy. There were also 3 alien skeletons found on the West Linn Oregon High School Grounds, one buried under the baseball field, near second base, and 2 more skeletons buried behind the old football stadium area. The Cameras at the Open Seas also confirmed that Ted didn’t put the barbecue Buffalo wings in Marta’s large white leather purse during one of the Class Reunions.

It is not known if the Hybrid Human Aliens parents were impregnated by Aliens or the Hybrids were hatched from Pods, like in the movie Aliens…. Presumably if there was impregnation it was accompanied by alcohol and was very messy in the end.

Apparently at least one third of the school were Hybrid Human Aliens.

Specific percentages of Hybrid Human Aliens in the West Linn Class of 1975 are as follows (Certified DNA Tests were performed):

Band 50%

Honor Society 65%

Cheerleaders 56%

Wrestlers 75%

FFA (Future Farmers of America) 100%

Football 38%

Baseball 44%

Males 52%

Females 48%

Mixed Male and Females 65%

more results will follow in later posts….

More results, Obviously some of the Class of 1975 West Linn Oregon were abducted and things done to them, bad things….

Clinical tests prove that the following Class members were abducted, probed, and partially dissected.

Bob Sisul – This was no surprise.

Bob Umber – Obviously.

Steve “Casanova” “Cas” Endres – Yes, he lived to close to Wankers Corner.

casanova warlord of the mores west linn high school 1975 Oregon OR

Katy Daly – Yes, she lived to close to the Tualatin River, the Aliens some times use submersible vehicles.