Zazzle Confirms Censorship of Trump Ad referencing Bodily Fluids specifically Bad Sperm

Yesterday took down two of my political t shirt designs about Donald Trump the Potus about his inability to repopulate the earth when he is in the bunker after the Nuclear Holocaust. The T shirt  design was admittedly tasteless referencing his bad sperm and that some were floaters. The T Shirt designs were all text.

Zazzle sent the following e-mail today about why it can’t keep the design on the site, “Upon review of your product, your design contains graphic references to bodily fluids that is not permitted for sale on Zazzle’s marketplace.”

I checked the site today and there were over 3000 designs that incorporated the word sperm in the text or graphic. There were over 80,000 designs that referenced another bodily fluid, Blood. There were over 140,000 designs that referenced the word Trump. There are designs for shit, piss, poop, diarrea at

The support person today at zazzle said that she referenced the notes in the censorship file and said it was censored because it referenced bodily fluids and Donald Trump at the same time.

Sperm designs are fine without Donald Trump and the POTUS but put them together and it’s not. I guess a design with Urine and Donald Trump POTUS would be censored also. Shit would also probably be all right since it is more of a solid although it does sort of belong in the bodily fluids category.

One other censorship issue happened within the last two weeks: I had put up a tasteless shirt that said Donald Trump POTUS had been fucked by a Baptist Goat in the Lincoln Bedroom and it was taken down, although my other designs with a Methodist, Mormon, Muslim goats fucking Trump were left up…….I guess we had a Baptist in the Censorship Department.

Truly has censorship Nazi’s in the back room.