Cabernet Franc Is it really Horse Urine? Yes it is

Dateline June 29, 2016 from the Tiki Bar that was devastated by a massive thunder storm last night, not like Hiroshima or Nagasaki, or Biblical but a little bit less…

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I really think that all purveyors, growers, stupid consumers, wine snobs, wine hoes, retailers, wholesalers and restaurants that sell it should be incarcerated. These people should be put on the no fly list and there addresses and contact information should be forwarded to the Authorities so that they can be imprisoned.  These people need to be treated like the HOA (Homeowners Association) and certain relatives (you know who you are).

I even had a t-shirt design made with the saying, “Cab Franc, Is it really Horse Urine?

The real reason they club baby seals in Canada is not for the pelts it’s because those cute little baby seals drink Cabernet Franc. And the real reason, not in the history books, that the US Civil War was fought was not to save the Union or Abolish Slavery but that the Southerners were growing Cabernet Franc grapes and the North had just to much.

When California has the big one, earthquake not heart attack, we are praying in a pagan sort of way that all the Cab Franc vines sink into the Pacific Ocean into one of those massive sea trenches.

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Cabernet Franc is a Bio Hazard Is it Horse Urine?