Back Strap Charters Scuba Dive for the Big Bulls Underwater Moose Hunting

We pinpoint the moose with 75“
and larger racks with stolen Russian
satelite equipment. Then we plot the
spiked mammals favorite ponds and
helicopter insert you to a prime lake.
We then place you underwater in a
camouflage scuba suit with a 375 H&H

Divemaster & Master Guide
Eddie “3 Brow Tines” Gwenachie
will be at each hunters side for
backup in case of a charge by
a wounded Bull.

“Frankly the Big Bulls
never suspect the hunter
will be underwater“
Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt hunted with us in 1906 and bagged a Bull with a 95 inch rack with 15 Brow Times on one side and 12 on the other. Teddy declared the hunt was better than an African Safari and there were less ticks, fleas and snakes in Alaska.