Whittier Alaska Passage Canal Swimming Challenge

Held every year since 1946 the Whittier Alaska Swim with Halibut Challenge is a 65 mile open water swim that begins and ends in the Whittier small boat harbor…..the contestants are of course naked and glistening with sea lion lard that is liberally slathered over their overtrained bodies….The slathering and spraying of the sea lion lard on the female contestants is an incredible photo opportunity for anyone in Whittier on the start day which is usually the third Saturday in June every year.

Whittier Alaska Salmon and Halibut Fishing The Priapus of Prince William Sound

FV About Time Anchorage Alaska 2015 souvenir T Shirt Graphic

From the bar at the Anchor in Whittier Alaska Curtis Craig has just suggested to Captain Mark Knight that a semi Christian themed Fishing Boat T Shirt would up the sales to the Cruise ship traffic shopping the downtown area for souvenirs…..

FV About Time Forgiveness is realizing the other person was born an idiot
Larry Aschenbrenner a regular at the Anchor thinks it’s perfect, “my father was a minister and I think it’s great”. Forgiveness sometimes it helps to realize the other person was born an idiot. Sometimes the first step of forgiveness is realizing the other person is a moron.