California Zinfandel Separatists head south to Bakersfield and Basque Restaurants

Dateline February 21st 9:40 AM PST near the duck pond that sits on Sonoma Square Sonoma California. I have a pistol now so if the goose attacks me again I can defend myself……

Approximately one half of the Foodie Tourists that were to head North on the Queso y Vino Camino Real have actually headed south towards Bakersfield and the Basque Restaurants there, many of these foodies were in fact Zinfandel Separatists from Sonoma

california zinfandel separatists

who have always been sympathetic to the Basque cause, others had apparently recently seen the movie Sideways others had seen the movie Corked and knew that they just had to get out of Sonoma. The Sideways inspired group appeared to be ultimately heading towards Solvang and the nearby Hitching Post II Restaurant.

zinfandel separatists and zealots zin sonoma county napa california ca

Queso y Vino Camino Real Cheese and Wine Royal Way

Dateline 11:02 AM EST on the Sonoma Square in Sonoma California near the pond where the geese and ducks bite the shit out of you…..

A massive group of cheese and wine pilgrims has just left from Sonoma Square headed north towards Tillamook County Oregon. A mixed group of foodies, cheese immigrants and wine religious zealots is hurrying towards the California Oregon border where the Oregon Cheese and Wine Border Patrol officers wait in their cruisers in an attempt to head them off.

oregon border patrol


oregon border patrol revised
Wine and Cheese Border Patro Oregon OR

File footage of the Sonoma Mission on the Square is below:

sonoma square the mission






More information should come in presently and after I get my Goose bite taken care of I will of course post more information.

15 minutes have gone by and I am stitched up. The goose is still chewing on other tourists and a small toddler.

To get back to the story it is commonly known that of all the religious wine zealots in the world, and there are allot, the Pinot Noir Zealots are the worst, especially after the movie Sideways.  Early in American History during the 1820’s many Pinot Noir Zealots were shipped back to Burgundy in France. Much of the persecution of the Pinot Noir Zealots historically came from the California Zinfandel Italian Immigrant population who are serious about their red wines. The 2015 Queso y Vino Camino Real graphic design is below, Cheese and Wine Highroad.

queso y vino camino real cheese and wine highroad Sonoma to Tillamook 2015 souvenir

Francisco Pizarro statue to be erected on Cape Kiwanda Oregon at Pacific City

Dateline Valentine’s day 2013…..

A massive 400 foot statue of Francisco Pizarro the founder and first trekker on the Vino Camino Real Wine Trail founded in 1437 is to be erected on the highest point of Cape Kiwanda on the glorious fertile Oregon coast at Pacific City.

Wine bottles Vino Camino Real Wine Pilgrim Trail

Construction is to begin in the spring of 2013 and many volunteers are headed to camp on the beaches to be there for the initial ground breaking. Much of the money for the erection is coming from the Foie Gras factory in Brownsville Oregon where the Duck Egg Miracle occured.

Francisco is to be carved nude in blocks of native sandstone….many of the locals are not pleased.

Cape Kiwanda is the site and vineyard for the stunning jam whorish (a technical wine tasting term) 200 point red blend, Dark Protruding Clematis, which is bio-dynamic, artisan, and harvested by naked catholic girls in the fall, at night, under only a full moon and only if the harvest is above quality.

grapes meritage dark protruding clematis pacific city oregon