Francisco Pizarro statue to be erected on Cape Kiwanda Oregon at Pacific City

Dateline Valentine’s day 2013…..

A massive 400 foot statue of Francisco Pizarro the founder and first trekker on the Vino Camino Real Wine Trail founded in 1437 is to be erected on the highest point of Cape Kiwanda on the glorious fertile Oregon coast at Pacific City.

Wine bottles Vino Camino Real Wine Pilgrim Trail

Construction is to begin in the spring of 2013 and many volunteers are headed to camp on the beaches to be there for the initial ground breaking. Much of the money for the erection is coming from the Foie Gras factory in Brownsville Oregon where the Duck Egg Miracle occured.

Francisco is to be carved nude in blocks of native sandstone….many of the locals are not pleased.

Cape Kiwanda is the site and vineyard for the stunning jam whorish (a technical wine tasting term) 200 point red blend, Dark Protruding Clematis, which is bio-dynamic, artisan, and harvested by naked catholic girls in the fall, at night, under only a full moon and only if the harvest is above quality.

grapes meritage dark protruding clematis pacific city oregon

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