Virginia Wines ….. Quality? Pricing? And who is drinking this overpriced stuff?

October 5th in Ted’s Pagan Tiki Shack located in Manassas Virginia…..

I have said for over a decade that Virginia Wines were massively overpriced at every level of quality. Two weekends ago I went to a local winery and did some tasting. Red wines by the glass at 10-11 dollars and 30-38 dollars a bottle, wines that I didn’t think were worth $3.99 a bottle. $14 dollars to do the tasting. California vintners would never have had the balls to put this stuff out.  Wines that should have been dumped in the parking lot. A recent article in the Washington Post surmised that it was the very young wine drinkers who were mainly drinking this swill, well I guess so, young and stupid. The older wine drinkers have found California, France, Chili, Argentina, Washington State…..and spend their money more wisely.

Truly an uneducated young wine drinker is the Virginia Wine Industries best friend.

Friends don’t let friends drink Virginia Wine.

Two women asked us at the winery what they should do….I said go to California.

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