Wine Pilgrims caught in Blizzard on the Vino Camino Real the Oldest Pilgrimage Trail in the US

Dateline Feb 9th Boston Massachusetts early afternoon….

Wine Pilgrims trekking on the Vino Camino Real, the oldest wine pilgrimage trail in the United States, have been trapped outside of Boston in the Historic Blizzard that is pounding the upper NE of the United States. The Vino Camino Real starts in Nova Scotia and runs all the way to the pacific northwest ending at Pacific City and the rocky sandstone heights of Cape Kiwanda where the incredible 200 point wine find Dark Protruding Clematis is grown and harvested.

Camel and Woman

The group of over 100 pilgrims, along with 6 stagecoaches, 24 Horses and 12 camels is camping in a local high school gym. All 12 camels were loaded with the traditional wine bladders, and of course filled with the luscious nectar of the Gods, that were used hundreds of years ago to transport the vino across the country. Apparently the pilgrims have gotten into the wine, even though some of it was sacramental. There is also a problem with the horses and camels pooping in the hallways of the high school. Some animal rights activists have been picketing outside the high school because the camels are forced to wear the highly technical wine muzzles so that they won’t chew on the wine bladders that they are carrying.

The pilgrims hope to continue the trek in a couple days.

The pilgrims hope to be in Pacific City well before the fall harvest of the grapes on Cape Kiwanda, the grapes are always harvested by Naked Catholic Girls, the harvest is always a spectacular photo opportunity as the girls scamper up the sandstone cliffs above the crashing waves.

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