Zazzle shut my account down refuses to give copy of my Designs back and refuses to pay funds owed

The Zazzle Content Review support persons shut my account down with no prior notice.  I had no chance to go back into my account and copy my designs. They also informed me Zazzle will not pay any of the funds that are owed to me for royalties and referrals. They also refused to send me a copy of all my designs, I had more that 4000 products listed at the site.

The Zazzle site has no easy way for designers to download their designs with the titles, tags, descriptions and graphic image of their designs. It is far too easy to actually use their site tools to come up with a new graphic design. And because there is no easy way to download and get copies of designs you manufactured on the site you remain at risk.

Zazzle has stated that they deleted all my designs and art, that they will not give me a copy of my designs, tags, titles and descriptions, that they had the right to do this with no prior notice, and that they will not pay me my royalties for other sales. And the Zazzle user agreement says they basically have an absolute right to decide what is appropriate content and that if I complain and ask for my money or art I have to pay there attorneys fees.

A major potential risk for Artists and Designers using Zazzle as their main point of sale and web site is obviously that you don’t own it and all the time spent posting designs for sale is at risk for deletion and account closure. And believe me what the Zazzle user agreement says about what is appropriate to put on the site pretty much covers everthing, “unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, vulgar, harassing, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, profane, indecent, inflammatory, libelous, tortious, hateful, racially, ethnically, socially, politically, legally, morally, religiously objectionable or otherwise objectionable,”. I personally believe that the phrase “otherwise objectionable” pretty much covers everything on the face of the earth, pictures of kittens would be objectionable to some people who hate cats.

It appears Zazzle thinks they can unilaterally delete any design they want and just give it one of the reasons in their terms of service. Or just delete and shut down your entire account. I personally bought products that were fine one time and deleted another because of their terms of service, and the same graphic was used in them both times.

If you have designs at Zazzle make sure you have great copies of all the designs and remember to copy descriptions, tags titles etc. By putting products in the market by using Zazzle you are putting to much reliance on them. I would not recommend that any Artist or Designer go there because of the Zazzle user agreements extreme bias for Zazzle and bias against the Artist / Designer.

As an Artist or Designer do you want to do business with a company that does not have an easy way to download your designs and work product. And furthermore there appears to be no effort whatsoever to give you a copy of your Designs back. Do you wish to spend 100’s of hours making designs, writing copy descriptions, tags and titles and then run the risk that they well shut your account down, and then all the SEO work goes down the drain. Or maybe you had a hard drive problem and want to get a copy of your Designs from Zazzle and they don’t do that.

Below is a copy of the e-mail from the zazzle content review persons.

Hello Ted,

Unfortunately, due to multiple, repeated violations of our content policy, your designs have already been removed from the Zazzle Marketplace in accordance with the Zazzle User Agreement.

For more information about Zazzle’s Terms of Service and Content Guidelines, please visit:

Thank you for your interest in Zazzle, we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.
Best Regards,
Content Management Team
Zazzle Inc.

Case Number:  CAS-2996918-Q9Q3C7

Prior to receiving the above e-mail I had sent the e-mail below:

Zazzle Content Review persons have shut down my account as of last night, I wish to get a copy of the Art in all my stores as soon as possible. Ted Aschenbrenner 

I guess when they give you no notice, and they won’t even let you copy your Art and Designs Zazzle really doesn’t, “wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.”, I guess it really means we don’t care and we just deleted your entire account of all your Art and Designs.

A polite company that didn’t like your content would have let a person get a copy of the Art and Designs and then close the account, or close the account and send them a copy.



Zazzle Confirms Censorship of Trump Ad referencing Bodily Fluids specifically Bad Sperm

Yesterday took down two of my political t shirt designs about Donald Trump the Potus about his inability to repopulate the earth when he is in the bunker after the Nuclear Holocaust. The T shirt  design was admittedly tasteless referencing his bad sperm and that some were floaters. The T Shirt designs were all text.

Zazzle sent the following e-mail today about why it can’t keep the design on the site, “Upon review of your product, your design contains graphic references to bodily fluids that is not permitted for sale on Zazzle’s marketplace.”

I checked the site today and there were over 3000 designs that incorporated the word sperm in the text or graphic. There were over 80,000 designs that referenced another bodily fluid, Blood. There were over 140,000 designs that referenced the word Trump. There are designs for shit, piss, poop, diarrea at

The support person today at zazzle said that she referenced the notes in the censorship file and said it was censored because it referenced bodily fluids and Donald Trump at the same time.

Sperm designs are fine without Donald Trump and the POTUS but put them together and it’s not. I guess a design with Urine and Donald Trump POTUS would be censored also. Shit would also probably be all right since it is more of a solid although it does sort of belong in the bodily fluids category.

One other censorship issue happened within the last two weeks: I had put up a tasteless shirt that said Donald Trump POTUS had been fucked by a Baptist Goat in the Lincoln Bedroom and it was taken down, although my other designs with a Methodist, Mormon, Muslim goats fucking Trump were left up…….I guess we had a Baptist in the Censorship Department.

Truly has censorship Nazi’s in the back room.